Fitness, sports, and just getting outdoors has been a passion and a vocation of mine since I was in my mid-teens. Not only has staying fit and healthy kept my body happy but continues to do wonders for my mental health as well! I run, cycle, strength train, and love kickboxing. I enjoy many different types of exercise and like to keep things varied both for myself and my clients.

Lucy Cronin

I have found that by keeping exercise fun, varied and dynamic it's easier to maintain motivation, stay focused and stick to it. More than anything, exercise and fitness is not just about improving our physical selves, I believe it can have monumental positive effects on all aspects of our lives, how we feel and how we approach life. 

I spent much of my younger years living overseas, Holland and Indonesia to name a couple of places which all culminated in me undertaking my degree in Social Anthropology (the study of people and cultures). After several years in London working in the international development sector, a few things happened that changed my journey. 1) I took up Kickboxing 2) I decided to follow my passions and 3) I found the courage to do it! These three things gave me the motivation and confidence to retrain as a personal trainer.

I want to help people find the motivation and inspiration to get healthier, happier and fitter while gaining the skills and confidence to incorporate this into their daily lifestyle.